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Friends of Chuck

Friends of Chuck

Chuck plays everything, but he couldn't do it without a little bit of help from his friends.


Jerome frequently walks into bars with priests, rabbis and ministers.

Big John Wetherbee

Before he was Chuck's weather guy, Big John Wetherbee worked as a storm chaser who researched tornadoes in Oklahoma. The 1996 movie Twister by Stephen Spielberg is loosely based on those experiences.

Heather "Heytay" Taylor

Heather recently made red, white and blue cookies for an Olympic Medalist.


Pete is from Florida.


Mark Overby is a runner. He once ran from Gainesville, GA to Gainesville, FL and back in one day.


Dave, Chuck's sports guy, is most famous for leading his team to victory in the world's most recent underwater basket weaving championships.


Josh does squats and lunges around the office in his spare time.


Charly is single-handedly bringing the fannie pack and scrunchie back into style.

Mary Ashley

Traffic Gal Mary Ashley often parks on parkways and drives on driveways.


Scott once took a picture with Uga.