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Free Chuck Stuff

Free Chuck Stuff

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Chuck wants to give you free stuff!

Ok, so this is embarassing, but Chuck is plum out of free stuff to give you right now.

If you're patient though, Chuck will surely find some free stuff soon that you can have, so check back soon to find out how to win.

In the meantime, don't forget to listen live to Chuck (you know, like on the radio, at your computer, or even on your smart phone) for info on free stuff giveaways. Also, friend Chuck on Facebook & follow Chuck on Twitter. Sometimes Chuck likes to use the social medias first to get the word out about free stuff.

And hey, if you have some free stuff for Chuck to give away, be sure to let him know.

It's Chuckalicious.

Chuck's General Contest Rules

103.7 Chuck FM General Contest Rules Please note that individual contests may have additional or updated rules.